Hello, I'm Joanne.
I am a designer with multidisciplinary skills, currently leading user experience design at Charge Amps, a smart and sustainable electric car charging company based in Stockholm, Sweden. For me, the best experience in my work is bringing the synthesis of human needs, technology and wild creativity together. Being a fast learner and keen observer helps me to push the envelope in every project. Enthusiastic in social and cultural innovation, I firmly believe designer can make the world a better place. Other times, I enjoy learning languages and immerse myself in the wonders of traveling.
7 questions to Joanne
What are your strengths?
I'm able to switch from left to right brain mode depending on what I do. Abstract creative visualisation and structured analytical research, one at a time. Observant. I like sitting in the park and watch passer-by. I can speak 4 languages fluently and learning to speak the 5th (Swedish) and 6th (Russian).

What motivates you?
Things that are beautiful. It can be on both of the extreme scales: simplicity or maximal chaos. Beauty lies everywhere for those who seek. Nature, music, film, food and traveling. Anything that got me curious motivates me to explore and learn. 

Something I can never live without?
Sweet or savory?

What are your weaknesses?
Impatient, till some extent. I became better at it after becoming parents to my now 3 year-old boy.
Where do you call home now and where have you live in the past?
Stockholm is my home since 2015. I was born and raised in Malaysia. Ventured out to explore my 20s in Sydney, Australia and moved to Tampere, Finland to explore further in the realms of user experience design. I lived in The Hague, Netherlands for ERASMUS study exchange and internship for a year. Moved back to Helsinki shortly before moving to Stockholm. I’m a global citizen, living on earth. This is two questions in one?
I will die happy if I...
Try new things every now and then, embrace what I have and enjoy each and every day to the max.
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