Talotohtori :Energy Efficiency Monitoring

UX/Web Design for Finnish energy services

Web and UI Element Design

Talotohtori (meaning in Finnish: house doctor) is specialized in offering cost-effective E2E-solutions and services to measure and monitor building’s energy efficiency in life cycle model. This services is provided by Enermix Oy located in Tampere, Finland. During a short project period, I have supported with visual design for their website (eg. banner, graphics), created a new site for Talotohtori services together with web developer, Mika, and set the look and feel for upcoming monitoring app. www.talotohtori.fi

In this project, I mostly worked in Sketch3 and Adobe Illustrator providing SVG visuals. It was interesting learning about energy efficiency monitoring services and understanding data and visualizing it. Most of the time were spent on discussion with CEO and the team in making sure optimum user experience for the website and upcoming monitoring app.