Electric vehicle charging solution portal across Europe


An initiative by Vattenfall, InCharge is part of a commitment to sustainable transport aiming for a fossil fuel-free society within a generation's time. Driver who drives and charges their electric vehicle (EV) is able to log in to their own portal to monitor their charging hours, enable or disable their charging card(s), check invoices, and observe detailed report about their EV charging statistics. This project was focused on creating new user interfaces with new styles component and style guides based on business requirements set through workshops and google design sprints.

Throughout a year of time I have helped the InCharge team to manage user experience of the portal, by establishing a design process using Double Diamond model. For Discover and Define phase, I have run Google design sprint to prioritize design and development requirements. And for Develop and Deliver phase, I have proposed and created new user interfaces for the whole portal using rapid prototyping, as well as created style guides with web developers. The best part of the project was to be able to help my colleagues to understand the power of structured design process and how it helped to push the project forward by visualizing their requirements into friendly user interfaces.
Please email me for access to the interactive prototype.