Hi I'm Joanne . Born and raised in Malaysia, I grew up drawing and painting colourful things. Everywhere is colourful: the saris wear by Indian women, tropical fishes swimming in the sea, decorations during Chinese New Year... Malaysia is a multicultural place where my love for being diverse and open has somehow shape my ambition of becoming a designer. I was exposed to the design world studying artworks of Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Vince Frost and the likes during my college years. Graduated with scholarships, my interests in design grew wider and further towards hollistic design . I then packed my bags go see and explore the world. After 3 years living in Sydney, Australia, I am living now in Finland to continue with learnings in User Experience Design. I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden working at Vattenfall as Visual Designer in a UX team in Digital Channels. I lead the design of visual assets and created Style Guide for patterns and elements, working together with frontend developers. I have led Google Sprint in the company and wrote my thesis on it as well.

Perhaps where I grew up has always inspire me to be diverse and open towards design and life, and my family of Chinese roots taught me to have grits and persistence. I am always on the run, in the search of solving (creative) problems with meaningful work, beautiful ideas , and functional design. I am a visual designer with a thinking hat, crafting user interface for products and services, building concepts and visuals for clients.

When I don't think about design, I am usually learning a new language , discovering new ideas, visiting a place, observing cultural things and people around me, taking pictures , spend times with loved ones or cooking in the kitchen . Currently I'm living in Helsinki, a beautiful nordic city surrounded by forests and lakes. In midst of finishing my thesis, I am looking for design position. While writing my thesis on the topic of Design Sprint, I am currently enjoying the capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm.

Do get in touch for creative side projects, design positions, cooking tips, or sharing traveling experience